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Who We Are

Every jewellery piece has a starting point, and it begins with the procurement process. Beatall is an international precious metal and diamond dealer, providing first-class support to help bring your one-of-a-kind vision to life, even if you’re new to the world of diamonds.

We couldn’t find a standard that met ours, so we created our own. Our focus is to give our clients the opportunity to feel confident when creating their unique bespoke jewellery piece.

Our strength lies in our vast reach and extensive network of mines and manufacturers, combined with our buying experience and expertise. This enables our clients to benefit from the best quality products & prices on the market, without it becoming a time- consuming procedure.

How To Get Started

Observing The Highest Ethical Standards

Diamond & Gold mining can be extremely harmful and can cause irreversible damage to the natural environment and local communities. Our service supports a better future for the planet, with careful planning and sourcing.

We choose ethical suppliers and manufacturers that share our strong passion for sustainability and adhere to internationally recognised labour trade and environmental standards.

Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without diminishing in quality. Therefore, we strive to use 100% recycled precious metals in order to have a positive impact on the environment and reduce our role in today’s commercial mining practices. Additionally, Beatall works closely with mines and diamond manufacturers who comply with the Kimberley Process guidelines. Thus, protecting against human rights abuse, and minimising environmental degradation.

A preferred supplier of diamonds & precious metals that is: trusted by our clients, admired by our competitors and valued by our employees.


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